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Kemang89 multifunctional philosophy presents a unique blend of lifestyle, art, design, music and culture that allows you to explore an endless experience.


“My idea was just to put into realization of what we have been wanting to do, which is to build a place where people can come and feel at home while enjoying the unique and ever-expanding mix of selling spaces in a beautiful building architected by Tan Tjiang Ay. Kemang89 tries to implement the newest retail practices and promote a new “slow shopping” marketing philosophy. Promenade  through art, design, and lifestyle in a single space. Stroll the crossroad of desires and cultures. Kemang89 is a multi-functional space, a meeting place, and a union of culture and commerce.”


- Eileen Rachman, Founder-




To establish Kemang89 as one of the leading creativity advancement centres for artists, designers, architects, talent scouts, musicians, etc.

To continuously inspire people through a unique blend of art, lifestyle, design, music, and culture.

And to be a pioneering institution that serves as a global melting pot to materialise and unleash creative potential across disciplines while adding ingenious value to the wider audience.




To allow and facilitate the general public to do various creative activities at a flexible space that comes with design shops, restaurants, music chool, meeting spots, offices, library, mini theatre, and an exhibition space that will host endless creative events.

To advance all creative designers, talent scouts, musicians, and creative communities through residencies, exhibitions, outreach, and educational seminars.

To collaborate with institutions, companies, universities, and creative communities.

And to advocate diversity